BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH
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D-08393 Meerane / Germany
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About us

Excellent engineering, durable products, outstanding service – this is what BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH stands for. As a company within the BORSIG Group we profit from the competence and power of the world reputed traditional brand BORSIG - for our customers, our employees and our company.

Using first class materials, we manufacture compressors that are distinguished by absolute precision, value retention and reliability – Products made in Germany. In permanent use across the globe with impressive performance. We pursue the principle of sustainability which in turn allows us to develop new products and services, to transcend limits both on a technologic and personal level. Day  after day. We combine state-of-the-art engineering with 175 years of mechanical engineering know-how.  

Individualism and flexibility are both an obligation and commitment. There is no solution that is so similar that it can be transferred unchanged to another task. We want to grow with our responsibilities, with you and for you.


Key historical events:

In 1837 August Borsig founded the traditional company BORSIG. In 1841 the first steam locomotive designed by the company and the first balancing steam machines were built. One year later, the Zwickauer Maschinenfabrik was founded by Mr Dorning and Mr Tones producing steam machines and pumps for the coal mining industry.

In 1852 work began on constructing steam engines.

In 1857 the company started manufacturing the first reciprocating compressors.

In 1960  the manufacturing of integrally geared turbo compressors was started.

In 1997 the company developed  a reciprocating compressor series for  CNG filling stations.

In 2004 BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH became a member of the BORSIG Group. In 2006 the new production site in the town of Meerane in Saxony was inaugurated which has been continuously expanded and enlarged since then.  

In 2007 BORSIG ZM started to manufacture an updated Bx series.

In 2009 BORSIG ZM took over the Flensburg company COMPART Compressor Technology GmbH. This manufacturer of compressor valves was renamed BORSIG Compressor Parts GmbH in 2011. In 2016 BORSIG Compressor Parts GmbH moves with its manufacturing facilities to the Gladbeck location of the BORSIG Group.

Today, the names BORSIG and ZM still stand for inventiveness, innovative spirit and ambition - in the spirit of the company founders. And we continue to build on our know-how gathered over the past 175 years.