BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH
Seiferitzer Allee 26
D-08393 Meerane / Germany
Phone +49 (0) 3764 / 5390-0
Fax +49 (0) 3764 / 5390-5092


Corporate Guidelines

Sustainable success

We strive for a strong market and financial position in order to run BORSIG successfully within the KNM group.

We manufacture our products in a way that is environmentally sustainable and as cost effective as possible for the benefit of our customers. As such, we create an optimum price-performance ratio. Moreover, we are constantly working on optimising the operating, quality assurance and production structures. To this end, we consistently use information from our customers and partners to improve our business processes.



Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We develop products, processes and services on the highest technical level and use our resources for the benefit of a successful partnership with our customers.


Safety, health and environmental protection

Safety, health and environmental protection rank at least equally with economic concerns. We demand and encourage the safety, health and environmental awareness of all our employees and strive for continuous improvement in target agreements.

One of our main objectives is to minimise the impact on people and the environment from the production, storage, transport, sale, use and disposal of our products.


Respect and dialogue

We seek and foster open dialogue within the company, with our business partners, with our neighbours and interested members of the public. We encourage our staff to use their creativity and potential for common success and thereby create the conditions for strengthening the individual initiative and corporate action of every individual. We respect the employee representatives as partners and work with them in mutual respect and trust.



We always abide by the law and stand up for fair competition. Here, we always act in accordance with our values. We value and respect the generally accepted customs and practices of the countries in which we operate.

In our activities, the interests of BORSIG take precedence over personal interests. We protect company property from misuse.