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Occupational Safety and Health

With our SCC certification, we guarantee adherence to high standards in respect of occupational safety and the protection of health. Here, occupational safety management (SCC) is one component of the integrated management system.


BORSIG – guidelines:


  • For us, safety and the avoidance of accidents as well as protection of health and the environment rank at least equally with economic concerns. We demand and encourage the safety, health and environmental awareness of all our employees and strive for continuous improvement in target agreements.
  • The environmental and safety awareness of all employees must be encouraged in order to prevent damage to the customer and subcontractors.
  • Measures and improvements needed in the areas of safety and health are implemented before official requirements.
  • The strain on people and the environment is minimised.
  • Here, we have an occupational safety specialist and appointed officers, who provide support and advice across the company.